Empowering the Future: Bridging Law and Tech

The Centre for Certified Legal and Tech Expertise (CCLTE) was established to foster and enhance professional education at the intersection of law and technology.

We collaborate with leading educators to deliver courses that attract students keen to develop a unique set of skills. Our students can be confident that they are receiving an education of the highest quality.

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  • Take courses designed with professional practice in mind.
  • Learn from top-notch educators with in-depth experience.
  • Pass our exams and attain the associated title to showcase your qualities.
  • Continued education ensures your knowledge and abilities remain relevant and sharp.
  • Attract a wide audience of professional learners.
  • Benefit from increased credibility.
  • Get access to high-quality course materials.
  • Connect with a community of learners.
  • Clear rules to maintain accreditation.
  • We are always looking for partners in the field.
  • Your insights or suggestions are appreciated.
  • Whether you’re seeking more information about our programs, feedback, or any other inquiries, please reach out. Your input and queries are invaluable to us.


At the Centre for Certified Legal and Tech Expertise (CCLTE), our primary aim is to uphold and promote the highest standards of education at the intersection of law and technology.

Certified Education

As a dedicated professional aiming to enhance your expertise at the convergence of law and technology, the Centre for Certified Legal and Tech Expertise (CCLTE) serves as your beacon for superior education.

Continued Education

The CCLTE recognises the rapidly evolving nature of the legal and tech sectors and believes that professionals must stay updated to maintain the validity and relevance of their certifications. Therefore, we have mandated continued education for all our certified courses.