The role of an AI Compliance Officer is paramount in the rapidly evolving domain of Artificial Intelligence.

These professionals are endowed with an exhaustive knowledge of the ethical, legal, and compliance challenges associated with AI. Moreover, they are adept at applying this knowledge practically to real-world scenarios.

They have the competence to discern, analyse, and resolve intricate AI-related issues, and they are instrumental in enlightening and steering their teams and organisations toward proficient AI compliance and governance. Holding the title of CAICO® stands as a testament to their expertise in this realm.

Are you ready to

  • Acquire a profound understanding of the ethical and legal nuances, as well as the governance aspects, pertaining to AI?
  • Get equipped to assess the similarities and distinctions between specific AI legislation and overarching regulations, such as the GDPR?
  • Develop the prowess to pinpoint, scrutinize, and address complex AI-centric challenges?
  • Operate autonomously and contribute significantly to the formulation and execution of AI compliance and governance strategies within your organisation?

CAICO is more than just theoretical knowledge; it prepares you to navigate the intricate layers of AI, ensuring that implementations align with legal standards and ethical principles.

How to become CAICO

Becoming a Certified AI Compliance Officer (CAICO) is a structured process designed to ensure comprehensive knowledge and practical application in the realm of AI compliance. By following this structured pathway, professionals can confidently step into roles that require adept handling of AI’s legal and ethical challenges, armed with the recognised CAICO credential.

Select an Accredited Educator

Enrol in the Course

Undertake the CAICO Exam

Achieve the CAICO Title

Engage in Continued Education

Begin by choosing an educator from our list of accredited partners. These educators offer courses tailored to provide a profound understanding of AI’s ethical, legal, and compliance aspects.ional seeking to improve my education.

Once you’ve selected your preferred educator, join their CAICO course. Engage deeply with the curriculum to grasp the complexities of AI compliance and governance. (Some educators may offer exam-only access.)

After completing the course, you will be eligible to take the CAICO exam. This test assesses your knowledge, analytical capabilities, and practical understanding of AI compliance challenges. The exam is maintained by CCLTE and approved by its independent Education Committee.

Upon passing the examination, you will be awarded the CAICO title. This certification is a testament to your expertise and signifies your competence in navigating AI’s multifaceted compliance landscape.

To maintain the validity and relevance of your CAICO title, it’s essential to start your continued education one year after achieving the certification. This ensures you stay updated with the evolving nuances of AI compliance and governance.

Exam information

The CAICO certification examination is a rigorous evaluation of your understanding and proficiency in the subject matter covered in the online and on-site course. To provide clarity and set expectations for candidates, here are the details and guidelines:

  • Format: The examination is conducted online and consists of multiple-choice questions designed to assess your comprehensive grasp of the course content.

  • Duration: Candidates are allocated a total of 4 hours to complete the examination. You can pause and resume your work within this time window as you wish.

  • Reference Materials: You are permitted to utilise all reference materials during the examination. This includes course books, additional reference materials, and any internet or other source. The questions are designed with this in mind.

  • Prohibited Actions: Consultation: Collaborating with others, discussing, or copying answers is strictly prohibited.

Use of AI Assistance: Leveraging artificial intelligence or automated tools to generate or assist in providing answers is not allowed.
Adherence to these guidelines is essential to ensure the credibility of your certification. Any violation will be taken seriously and may result in disqualification. Approach the examination with integrity and dedication to genuinely reflect your expertise in the subject.

Your course provider will inform you of the date(s) that the exam is available and in which language(s). CCLTE currently does not provide direct access to exams.

Good luck with your CAICO certification journey!