Do you want to play a key role in making your organization more cyber resilient and bridge the gap between legislation and practical implementation?

The Cybersecurity Compliance Officer program gives you insight into the current laws and regulations in the field of cybersecurity, teaching you how to help your organization comply with them.

In August 2024, the e-learning modules will go online. The first practice day is Wednesday, September 11, 2024. Registration is open until August 18.

The Cybersecurity Compliance Officer program at a glance:

This training provides you with an understanding of the laws and regulations related to cybersecurity and information security, including the NIS2, AI Act, DORA, CRA, CER, and ISO 27001. You will learn how these rules relate to each other and how to apply them in practice.

Upon completion, you will be well-equipped to assist your organization in developing, implementing, and enforcing robust cybersecurity laws and regulations.

You will be working with e-learning modules and three practice days. The program concludes with an exam, after which you will receive the protected title “CCCO”.