At CCLTE, our primary aim is to
uphold and promote the highest standards of education at the intersection of law and technology.

Accreditation by CCLTE stands as a testament to an educator or institute’s commitment to delivering quality, up-to-date, and comprehensive training in this rapidly evolving domain.

Benefits of accreditation

Quality assurance

Visibility and credibility

Access to continued education

Our rigorous accreditation process ensures that educators and institutions meet the exacting standards of course content and delivery set by CCLTE.

Once accredited, organisations are prominently listed on this CCLTE website, signaling to students and professionals a mark of excellence and reliability.

Accredited organisations gain the privilege to offer courses for continued education, fostering lifelong learning and skill enhancement for students.

Accredited teaching organisations

Looking for specialist legal knowledge about ICT, privacy and law? ICTRecht Academy offers a range of legal (in-house) training, education and webinars with a practical approach. We speak from cases in which we advise on a daily basis and are happy to answer any questions you may have.

The current training offer for lawyers / lawyers is not yet sufficiently accessible online. Legal Bytes wants to change this by offering on-demand courses aimed at future-proof lawyers. All Legal Bytes teachers are experts in their field of law and have extensive teaching experience. The videos of the online courses can be consulted by subject/theme, so that it functions as a ‘knowledge database’.

Want to get ahead? Get accredited and deliver top courses on legal and tech to your audiences.

Requirements for accreditation are:

  • Proven track record or experience in the domain of legal and tech education.
  • Ability to deliver blended courses: webinars, e-learning and on-site teaching.


  • Be willing to use the CCLTE course content, or
  • Develop own course content that meets CCLTE-set learning goals.
  • Periodic review and updating of courses to ensure content relevance and alignment with industry best practices.
  • An established system for using student feedback for the continuous enhancement of the courses.