Certified education

As a dedicated professional aiming to enhance your expertise at the convergence of law and technology, the Centre for Certified Legal and Tech Expertise (CCLTE) serves as your beacon for superior education.

CCLTE works with a range of accredited partners who provide courses that have been meticulously vetted by an independent board of experts. This ensures that as a learner, you are guaranteed quality, relevance, and the most up-to-date content to propel your career forward. The distinct titles awarded to those who pass the CCLTE exams (such as CAICO) serve as an indicator of your knowledge and skills.

Earning these titles not only gives you a competitive edge but also instils a responsibility to stay updated in this rapidly-evolving field. To this end, CCLTE emphasizes continued education, ensuring you remain at the pinnacle of industry knowledge and practice, always ready to navigate the challenges and opportunities of the legal-tech frontier.


Become a leading professional in ensuring AI Compliance.

  • Study the EU’s leading role in regulating AI
  • Learn to apply unique compliance instruments.
  • Earn the right to call yourself CAICO®


Distinguish yourself as data protection officer.

  • Practice-focused education for busy professionals.
  • Learn from case studies and simulations.
  • Stay ahead on European and other data protection laws.

Appeals Board

The Appeals Board is an independent institute set up by CCLTE.

The Appeals Board specifically addresses complaints related to:

  • Course materials.
  • Examination content and procedures. Please note that the board does not handle procedural concerns such as course cancellations, billing issues, or any logistical aspects of the training.


  • A learner may lodge an appeal if a grievance cannot be resolved directly with the educational institute.
  • Upon receiving an appeal, the Appeals Board will review the complaint and solicit a response from the educational institute in question.
  • If deemed necessary, the Appeals Board will seek guidance and advice from the Education Committee to ensure a fair and informed decision.
  • A final decision will be made by the Appeals Board after thorough deliberation.


The decision of the Appeals Board is final and binding. Both the learner and the educational institute are expected to abide by the board’s ruling.

How to File an Appeal:

To file an appeal, please contact the Appeals Board Coordinator at appeals@cclte.org.

We encourage all learners to communicate directly with their educational institute in the first instance. Please include any relevant correspondence with the educational institute.

Education Committee

The Education Committee is an independent body formed by the CCLTE, tasked with overseeing the quality of curriculums standards in CCLTE-certified education. Comprised of experts in the field, the committee reviews and approves both curriculums and exams to ensure they are relevant, up-to-date, and of top quality. Only after committee approval can an educator teach a particular curriculum with the aim of letting their students qualify for the CCLTE title.

Ivar Timmer
Professor Legal management & technology | AUAS

Mirjam van der Sluis
Manager Legal Desk | Municipality of Amsterdam

Peter Kits

Partner Digital Transformation | KPMG

Tina van der Linden

Associate Professor | Amsterdam Law & Technology Institute | VU